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Beehive Products

This category contains all products that are derived from a Bee Hive. The bee hive is a sterile environment that produces many nutrient-dense foods and supplements that support well-being.

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The beehive is one of the natural world's unique gifts. Until human interaction, a beehive is an entirely sterile environment created by bees. It contains balanced, nutritionally dense foods that we need to maintain mental and physical balance; of course, these nutrients are available from other sources. However, the beehive bundled them together, which made it easy for early hunter-gathers.

Common Beehive Superfoods

Royal Jelly and Beeswax

The most popular and widely known beehive superfood is honey. When honey is unpasteurised and raw, it contains numerous compounds to keep us in shape. Royal Jelly and Bees Wax would probably be next on the list of well know beehive foods; Royal Jelly is a common food supplement in the West, and beeswax is used to polish tables; it's unsure who was the first person to use it for that purpose.

Bee Pollen and Bee Bread

Bee Pollen and Bee Bread are very similar in nutrition content but harvested from different parts of the hive, Bee Bread is packed into cells in the hive, and Bee Pollen is harvested as the bee return to the hive after gathering nectar; both products are good sources of amino acids and B vitamins.


The bees make propolis to seal the hive from the outside environment; propolis is a black film deposited by the bees on the inside of the external walls of the hive. It is this coating that made the entire hive sterile. When harvested, however, it is destructive to the hive, as only a tiny amount, if found in each hive, bee propolis is usually extracted and concentrated and consumed with minimal qualities.