Thank you for finding us, we are a small family organic licensed business based in the Vale of Belvoir, just outside Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, we have been importing and manufacturing herbal tea, whole superfoods and natural supplements since 2011, please read our 'about us' page for our full history About Us here...

We ship all orders with Royal Mail; customers can use another courier if you prefer, but there may be an additional charge. We have found Royal Mail to have the most comprehensive UK wide coverage and to be the most reliable, and we have worked with quite a few in the last five years.

Upon checkout, there are three shipping options:

1. STD - Royal Mail 48; delivery takes TWO business days after dispatch.

2. SIGNED FOR - Royal Mail 24; delivery takes ONE business day after dispatch.

3. NEXT DAY - if an order is placed before 14:00 it will be dispatched the same day and delivered the next business day before 13:00. Please note that if you place your order on a Friday before 14:00 it will be delivered on Monday before 13:00.

If you don't see these options when checking out this is because your parcel doesn't qualify for them, this may be because of the total weight of the ordered items or the delivery location; this affects a very small number of orders; please contact us to arrange a bespoke delivery. Visit our 'Contact Us' page here...

Sadly, No. We can tell you about our products, the ingredients they contain and where they are from, the majority of this information is already included in each product's description.

We can NOT give out medical advice; we can NOT advise on the treatment of any illness, we are NOT medical practitioners nor are we qualified to diagnose or advise on ANY medical conditioners.

None of the products we offer for sale is intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions.

We strongly recommended you conduct independent research before buying any of our products.

Many of our teas are whole teas, which means they are made from a single botanical ingredient. Due to numerous reasons but mainly seasonal weather conditions the final herbal ingredient can have vastly different colouration and flavour profile, we strive to only buy the finest quality ingredients available from any given harvest.

Many tea producers only produce blended tea; this is so they can control the flavour more closely, however when many ingredients are blended the concentration of the primary component can be diluted, our passion is for high quality organic single ingredient herbal tea.

Ginger tea suffers the greatest variation throughout the year of all herbal teas, as it is most affected by seasonal environmental conditions. This is partly the reason why it's hard to find pure ginger tea - if you read the box on most ginger tea you will see it is in fact a blend of many ingredients - a blended tea gives the manufacturer greater control over the final taste, but of course, the compromise is less ginger.

The appearance of our ginger tea changes throughout the year, from large 7-10mm pieces to 2-4mm, we chose the best cut for the ginger root depending on the flavour it produces.

In short, we haven't, and never would!

We have been made aware of a company that invites people to sign up for a free trial, which then leads to a subscription, this is nothing to do with us whatsoever; we don't offer free trials or subscriptions for any of our products.

If you have been affected by this or something similar, you need to report it to the police immediately by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

I’m sorry I can’t be of further help, but as this is nothing to do with our company.

Thank you for checking our frequently asked questions section to find the answer, we are sorry it hasn't been able to help you on this occasion but don't worry we are here to help and pride ourselves on offering a 'Local-Style' service; please visit our contact us page here... We can be contacted by Facebook, Twitter, email or the good 'ole phone, we're waiting to hear from you, thank you.