Manage Your Communication Preferences

Here you can control how we communicate with you by checking the ‘Updates about products and promotions‘ box and then clicking save at the bottom; you will be added to our mailing list; we send out a maximum of 1 email per week; this email is our newsletter. A typical newsletter contains further interesting facts about the products we make, new product launches, as well as back in stock products and discounts for you to enjoy.

The ‘Account and order information‘ box is rechecked and must remain checked as these are our transactional emails; you will receive these only if you have placed an order with us or created an account. A typical transactional email would be an order confirmation email, a dispatch confirmation email (which also contains your parcel tracking details), an account password reset email or an account creation confirmation or similar; there are no promotions or marketing in our transactional emails, they are for information and reference only.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

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When an order is placed, we will still send out by email information directly relating to that order, such as an order confirmation email and a dispatch confirmation email (which includes parcel tracking numbers).