Feeling Stressed? Ginger Tea May be the Answer to Your Anxiety-Related Problems…

A cup of ginger tea in a clear glass cup with a fresh piece of ginger, honey comb and a mint leaf.

Stress-related anxiety is prevalent in modern society; Is it possible that ginger tea could be the answer? As a rule, most of us live hectic lives, with demanding jobs (often with extended hours) and little time to relax and recuperate.

You can do several things to reduce stress in your life, both medically and naturally. Likely, you’ll already be familiar with some suggestions, such as yoga, meditation, or taking prescribed medication for anxiety. However, for many people, it’s simply not possible to devote too much time to attending yoga sessions, and the prospect of taking pills isn’t too appealing.


Sounds a bit hopeless. Not according to Health Educator Paul Bedson claims that ginger tea is highly effective at combatting some of the more unpleasant side effects of stress, including nausea or an unsettled stomach.

In 2012, the Daily Mail ran a report on the effects of ginger tea on the digestive system. In the article, Alice Mackintosh, a professional dietician, extols the virtues of ginger tea, claiming that it not only helps to settle the stomach but also ‘contains a potent antioxidant, gingerol, which helps cleanse harmful chemicals our bodies produce when we’re worried—indicating that ginger is also helpful when it comes to addressing emotional stress, too.

In fact, according to Mackintosh, just inhaling the steam from a mug of ginger tea can help to improve your mood.


Ginger tea is one of the herbal teas most suited to a busy lifestyle. Not only does it help with settling and easing stomach discomfort and calming nerves, but it also offers a range of other health benefits. These include:

  • Combatting colds and flu – ginger can assist with tackling illnesses related to the respiratory system, such as colds, flu and persistent coughs
  • Improving immune system – the tea also contains lots of antioxidants, which are effective in helping you to avoid picking up any unwanted bugs or illnesses; very useful when you don’t want to take time off work!
  • Reducing fever – if you are unlucky enough to catch a bug, ginger tea can help to reduce fever and ease aching muscles.
  • Improving circulation – ginger tea promotes good circulation, which can help when you’re stuck at a desk all day, and have trouble with cold, uncomfortable hands and feet, reducing swelling and inflammation – not only does ginger tea help with aching muscles, it can reduce swelling in the joints, making it a popular choice with people living with arthritis.


If you feel sick before an important presentation or meeting at work, ginger tea can help again. Ginger is well known for its ability to soothe sickness, which is why pregnant women often recommend ginger biscuits when suffering from morning sickness! It’s also great for relieving the symptoms of motion sickness if you need to take a long journey on a plane or train.


In short, ginger tea is nature’s finest drink for the stressful office environment. Taken just a few times a day, it can help you to remain stress-free, fighting fit and ready to work productively and happily!

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