Loyalty Points From Old Website

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If you are reading this blog post, it is likely because you are an existing customer wondering why the website has changed and your order history and loyalty points have disappeared.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your orders and support over the years. They mean a massive amount to us and are the sole reason we get up in the morning. Thank you.

Our new website is a significant upgrade from the previous one. You will find it much easier to navigate and use discounts and loyalty points, it is faster and will get faster still, and it’s more secure and better ensures your privacy.

We now accept more express options, adding Apple Pay and Google Pay; we offer you greater privacy and more options to manage your privacy with Cookies managed by Hu-manity.

Due to GDPR, we cannot move existing customer accounts from our old website to our new website.

If you have loyalty points outstanding on our old website, or you’d like us to check for you, you need to complete the following two steps:

  1. Open a new account on this website by clicking this link: Open Account…
  2. Email us through the contact us form on this website here… or email us at hello@thenaturalhealthmarket.co.uk. Please provide us with the email address you used to create your new account (and the old email address used on our old website if different)

Then we will manually add the balance of your old loyalty points account to your new account.

Loyalty points on the old website have the same redemption and earning value on the new website.

We thank you again for your continued support, and if you have any issues, please email or call us.

We hope you find the new website easy to use and look forward to your feedback.

Kind wishes,

Ian, Aon, Kelly, Matt, Damien and angela.

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