Shimizu Tani Garden Organic Matcha Green Tea

Organic match powder from the Shimizu Tani Garden by The Natural Health Market.

Kyoto Japan

Kyoto is one of Japan’s finest matcha growing regions within Kyoto The Shimizu Tani Garden was the first matcha garden to convert to organic, which is the spiritual home of matcha processing. Today, tencha leaves are stone-ground into matcha, just as they have been for centuries.

Ceremonial Matcha Powder

Our Ceremonial Matcha Powder is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition, its vibrant, fresh taste makes a uniquely refreshing green tea.

In line with centuries of spiritual tradition in Japan, this matcha tea is made from hand-picked tencha leaves.

Our matcha is organic, natural, free of additives and packed with the same vibrant flavours that Buddhist monks have savoured for centuries.

What Is Matcha Tea

Combine the high cost of producing matcha tea with matcha’s recent rise in popularity globally, and it’s no surprise that many products are trying to associate themselves with matcha tea. However, to be authentic matcha, three main criteria must be met:

  • Must be grown and processed in Japan
  • Must be Tencha Leaves
  • Must be developed in the shade for the final weeks before harvesting

Matcha is a fine powder of specially grown tencha green tea leaves. Green tea for matcha is produced in the shade for up to three weeks before it is harvested, enabling the plant to develop higher levels of chlorophyll, caffeine and theanine. This process is the same for organic matcha powder and the exact technique used by The Shimizu Tani Garden in Kyoto, Japan.

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