Natural Herbal Remedies

Globe artichoke growing in a field.

Before anything else, what exactly are herbal remedies? From a technical point of view, herbal remedies involve plants or parts of plants for use as all-natural home remedies or natural health remedies. In some cases, herbal remedies utilise a particular plant or part of a plant for its scent, natural healing properties, or distinct flavour. Also, herbal remedies are commonly used as dietary supplements.

Herbal Dietary Supplements

These natural healing remedies can be consumed in tablets, fresh leaves, dried leaves, essential oils, capsules, extracts, syrups, powders, teas, and more. Dietary supplements play a vital part in our overall nutrition diet.

Who Uses Natural Supplements?

In years gone by, it was usually only the sick and needy that turned to herbal food supplements to stay healthy. But, today, as our workloads, social commitments, and the pressure of parenthood compromise the amount of time we have to spend on ourselves, dietary herbal supplements help us get the valued nutrition we need to stay healthy.

Why Exactly Are Herbal Remedies So Popular?

It is simple; herbal remedies are known to maintain and improve our health. However, some scientists question this, and it’s true there is very little scientific research either for or against the use of herbal supplements and vitamins.

Modern Medicine Verus Natural Supplements

But it is also a fact that until very recently, these plants, tonics, supplements and balms were the only natural health care available. Still, in some developing countries, millions rely on Ayurvedic and Traditional medicine as their primary healthcare system.

Common herbs and supplements such as echinacea, cod liver oil, ginkgo, ginseng, coconut oil, eucalyptus, and aloe vera are still as effective today as they have always been.

Yes, Modern Medicine Has A Place In The World!

I am not calling modern medicine wrong in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, the giant steps made by modern medicine over the past century are nothing short of excellent, life-saving procedures, and restoring the quality of life to illness sufferers is marvellous. I am just saying it is not the be-all and end-all; practical alternatives are available based on traditional and Ayurvedic medicine principles.

Medical Risks

There are risks associated with almost every medical procedure, and taking aspirin can prove fatal when taken in the wrong situations. Likewise, some people have extreme food allergies, meaning their next meal could be their last.

Nature Against The Pharmacy

Many have always believed that herbal remedies labelled or categorised as “all-natural” are safer than their pharmaceutical cousins. This may not always be the case, as some herbal remedies do not undergo the stringent testing procedures that pharmaceutically manufactured drugs do. However, many home remedies have been used for centuries without any documentation of their use ever being recorded; one such instance was the recent discovery of Acai berries in the Amazon.

Knowing Nature

It is crucial to steer clear from poisonous and not wander in the garden picking and concocting potions based on accessible internet research. To play it safe, it is a good idea to pick up a natural health remedies book and educate yourself on the different types of herbal remedies that are out there. Or better still, visit a qualified Natural Medicine, Ayurveda or Traditional Medicine practitioner.

It is also important to disclose what type of herbal remedies you consume to a health practitioner, especially if you receive prescribed medication or over-the-counter medicinal products.

Menopause Herbal Remedies?

Currently, the most in-demand all-natural health remedies today for menopause are supplements. Menopause supplements can help one experience relief or respite from the many and varied symptoms of menopause. Black cohosh is one of the most popular herbal remedies used for this purpose. Note that no one with a liver problem should use this.

Natural Cures For Night Sweats

If night sweats seem to come around more often during this season of menopause, flaxseed may be able to be of assistance. This is because flaxseed contains a wealth of lignans known to equalise female hormones.

Wild Yam Hormone Therapy

Suppose you would veer away from hormone therapy (HRT) or hormone injections to relieve menopause symptoms. In that case, you could try taking wild yams, as they naturally rebalance hormone levels in the body. Wild yams are a real force of nature as their natural compounds can mimic the effects of oestrogen and progesterone on the body.

Trying Different Natural Home Remedies

As with pharmaceutical medications, natural supplements and home remedies aren’t one treatment that suits all cures. Your doctor may try several different antibiotics before he finds one that works with a particular ailment, and the same applies to natural remedies. You may have to try a couple before you find one that suits your body.

The Options Are Out There

As you can see, mainstream medicine is not your only option for different diseases and illnesses. Alternative medicine may be able to help you. It is also known as complementary medicine or integrative medicine.

Complementary Medicine

In some cases, complementary medicine can be used alongside mainstream medical techniques. Research tells us that almost 40 per cent of adults have used complementary and alternative medicine at some point. Some of the therapies covered by those above include whole medical systems, energy medicine, mind-body medicine, manipulative practices, biologically based practices, and body-based practices.

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