Lose Weight Through Learning About Healthy Eating

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If you are have tried every fad diet out there and still having a tough time losing weight, this article is for you. Get sustainable weight loss solutions with the most effective and sustainable ways to lose weight by learning about healthy eating and making several subtle lifestyle changes.

Eating healthily and regular exercise will ease short-term weight problems and boost your physical health. Done well, it will lead to a healthier, happier you that’s sustainable. But you already know that, right?

A well balanced diet doesn’t have to begin with a shopping trolley full of alien looking vegetables that have just arrived from Asia.

OK, OK, so that’s the apparent state for the record. So why should I read any further? I hear you ask. Well, in this blog, I explore a few subtle changes you can make to your lifestyle that will, in turn, lead to significant lasting change. Changes you may not have tried yet, so push through!!!

Learning About Healthy Eating

We don’t have to become qualified nutritionists to get in shape, but a little knowledge about the food we eat goes a long way. It will also help when making lifestyle choices.

Gaining a little knowledge of the food we eat and learning about healthy eating and the different nutritional elements they contain, and the way these elements interact with our bodies will help the next time the bakery counter calls.

Get A Basic Understanding of Your Diet

Most of us have a basic understanding of what type of foods we should be eating, five a day, etc., but knowing why will add weight to the decisions we make and help us during moments of weakness, the times when ‘fast food’ feels justified.

Know What’s Bad and Why

Knowing transfats are bad for us is one thing, but knowing a little about how and why they encourage fatty build-ups in our arteries and directly induce other health issues gives us extra strength to seek alternatives when the fast food cravings pounce.

Healthy Eating 101

A well-balanced diet doesn’t have to begin with a shopping trolley full of alien-looking vegetables that have just arrived from Asia. Instead, take your first step by removing heavily processed foods from your diet.

Reading about food and health will help you sharpen your ‘healthy instincts’ and make you more assertive around food.

In a nutshell, burgers, pizza, French fries, microwave meals, and anything else your instincts tell you is wrong. Heavily processed food contains high levels of trans fats, salt and sugar. In addition, these foods overload the body. When the body becomes stressed cleaning up the food in your stomach, it diverts resources from doing its job; repairing cells and healing.

Forming New Food Habits

There are many more harmful foods out there than the ones mentioned. Also, many foods we think are healthy and marketed as healthy alternatives aren’t.

The point of staying away from burgers, pizza, french fries and convenient fast food, in general, is partly to clean up your diet but also to plant the seeds of new habits. Getting out of the ‘rut’ of eating fast food is half the battle.

Sharpening Your Hunter Gather Instinct

Whether looking for lunch on the fly or doing the weekly shopping, your biggest ally is your ‘health instinct.’ Reading about food and health will help sharpen your ‘healthy instincts’ and make you more assertive around food. So get your instincts dialled in, and then trust them.

Forget Guilt – Think Life

Lifestyle change is a significant life decision, do it with positivity and assertion, and don’t allow guilt and other negative emotions to enter your world.

Don’t be too hard a taskmaster, if you enjoy junk food then make an allowance for it in your new lifestyle.

Gaining food knowledge gives a basis for correct decision-making, commitment, and positive decisions about the food you choose.

Change Your Lifestyle With Conviction

It’s easy to cave in and allow guilt to be a motivating factor in your lifestyle choices. However, making changes based on guilt and other negative emotions will mean your preferences have little or no conviction.

Learn what makes you healthy, feel good and ooze with vitality, and then make positive lifestyle choices to indulge your newfound knowledge and make you feel good.

Allow And Plan For Slips

Don’t be too hard, a taskmaster. If you enjoy junk food, make an allowance for it in your new lifestyle. Moderation is the keyword here. So when you decide to eat your favourite burger, plan it. Please don’t do it on impulse.

When you plan to eat junk food, make an occasion out of it, and enjoy it. Holding yourself to ransom over food won’t work.

Planning a trip to the local kebab shop and eating a preplanned meal will lessen the likelihood of binging. Binging is the curse of the dieter.

Binging leads to total collapse, resulting in low self-esteem and self-loathing. Instead, change your lifestyle on the back of positive decision-making.

How To Avoid Binge Eating

Binge eating usually occurs because of poor planning. Becoming over-hungry can lead to a sense of self-justification to binge. If you are going into a situation where temptation is likely to be strong at the end of a night out or a favourite drive, make appropriate plans.

In this instance, super foods can be convenient snacks to have around. For example, portions of chia seeds can be quickly eaten; they provide nutrition and satiety.

Find Support: Don’t Diet Alone

Having a diet pal works, and so does group pressure. That’s why Weight Watchers and such have been so successful. However, if you don’t want to join a local slimming class, don’t dismiss the power of online friends to support and help you shed pounds.

Join Online Support Communities

Slimming classes based in the local Scouts hut are a relic of the analogue age. By joining an online diet support community, you can receive 24/7 support. When you feel down or weak, you can send a message to an online community, and the likelihood that someone will instantly message back with inspiration will lead you to temptation.

Facebook And Twitter

Facebook has some communities that provide support for dieters. In addition, by following key influencers on Twitter, you will receive periodic messages of inspiration.

Health Implications of Being OverWeight

Please don’t put off dieting for another instant, do it and do it now. Vanity isn’t the only reason to shed that extra weight. Never more than now has the severe health damage caused by being overweight been known.

Without wanting to be an alarmist, not managing your weight and diet is self-negligence and tantamount to suicide. If you know you are overweight or eat a poor diet regularly, you have a responsibility to the one you love to fix it. No snack or treat should be more tempting than spending more time with our loved ones.

Good Luck.

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