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Organic Hibiscus Tea
Joanne Ould

So full of flavour I could drink cup after cup. No strings to tangle around my spoon when I stir in some honey. Definitely going to purchase again

Organic Coconut Sugar
Brian Baxter
Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar is an excellent product. It looks good and smells good and is better for you than cane sugar - so what's not to like?

Organic Cacao Powder
Boris Zakian
Organic cacao powder

Very very pleasent.

Organic Chia Seeds
Chia seed excellent!

I have been using organic Chia seed from the Natural Health Market as they are excellent quality and very good price.


I love the Himalaya salt and I had a nice experience to discover the wonderful benefits of all the minerals by using the rock salt in the bath.

Organic Hibiscus Tea
Lennor1 Magill
Great tea

The quality of the tea is excellent and the tast is zesty and refreshing. I buy this organic tea all the time. These are the best and most flavoursome teas I can buy. I fully recommend Natural Health Market products and always buy from them


Very good service

Organic bee pollen

Pleased with this bee pollen

Best herbal tea ever

This beautiful tea is amazing. Full of flavour. Beautiful colour. I'm not a herbal tea fan but this is a game changer. I need to look for other flavour's very soon.

Second time purchase

This is my second purchase. Same quality of tea from my first purchase. They must be doing something right. :)

Best ginger tea in the world

I love this tea, I like my ginger strong and this is perfect especially if you have a sore throat or the lurgy (when I had covid I drank it so much and it truly did help).


I always buy this tea. It my go to for my first early morning cuppa, the taste is wonderfully refreshing.

The service is great but the delivery is a bit slow. Twenty four hour delivery would be excellent

Tumeric t

Always great service and product i am a repeat customer.

So happy with this product

I have no large bowel and take two psyllium husk capsules about 30-45 minutes before each meal to slow down the transit of food through my gut. The price and quality of this product are great and the speed of delivery is too.

Lovely tea

I love this tea and prefer it to the Peppermint tea I drink for my IBS. Due to the tea having a natural sweetener Stevia I make this tea in a large bone china mug to dilute the sweetness. I don't like tea or coffee with any sugar or sweeteners.

Lovely tea which I enjoy and one of the nicest fruit teas I have ever had. Not only does it smell lovely it tastes lovely too. I usually have it shortly before bed and I find I tend to sleep better for it.

Great product

Really good could tell it’s made from pure ginger love this tea

Hibiscus tea

Great product more expensive than other brands I’ve tried but quality and depth of flavour merits the price. Totally recommend

Organic Ginger Tea 50 Bags

The tea bags was exactly what I wanted. I like the fact you can perceive ginger even before putting it in hot water. I will definitely order more. ***** :)

Regular hibiscus tea user.

Excellent. Very good for overall health. I have one cup first thing after waking and one cup 2 hours before bed.

Hibiscus tea

I like hibiscus tea and it is easy to order. Prompt delivery


Always a pleasure

The Best Hibiscus Tea I’ve found……

Sharp,flavourful,refreshing wake-up taste - helps me with intermittent fasting, instead of tea/coffee with milk.

Cod Liver Oil 1000mg
Stewart L.
Good products

The same as when I previously take these. The main reason I got them here was the convenience of on line ordering, the price and the number of tablets.

Game changer for diabetics

I use this as an ingredient in non carb bread as a binding agent for almond flour. This means that my husband can eat bread, but with no carbs! Excellent service. This is a regular order!!!


The small capsules make it easy to take. Very satisfied.