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  • About Us


    Welcome to The Natural Health Market!

    Where it all began...

    We travelled and lived throughout South East Asia, Bali and Europe for over 20 years; it was an incredible experience, and one that helped shape our approach to life: live well, ethically, and to the full. We became increasingly interested in the healing philosophies of different cultures – from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine right through to ancient South American and European beliefs – and started applying their principles to everyday life.

    The impact of taking care of both body and mind was incredible, and we wanted to share what we had learned. So, in 2011, having grown jaded with expat life in South East Asia, we shed our corporate skin to set up, a lifestyle blog sharing all the knowledge and little life hacks we'd picked up on our travels. The site quickly took off, but it soon became apparent there was a greater need for a one-stop shop for all the fabulous stuff we raved about, rather than another know-it-all, self-opinionated blog! We took the plunge and became a bona fide online family business dedicated to providing high-quality affordable, organic natural and herbal products – The Natural Health Market was born!

    Our philosophy

    Our philosophy at The Natural Health Market comes back to the revelation we had on our travels: live well, ethically, and to the full. We believe in giving everybody the opportunity to do the same, by offering an affordable, organic range of products aligned with the ancient healing philosophies of the world. We work ethically and responsibly, while endeavouring to make a minimal impact on the environment and the communities in which we work.

    Our products

    How we source our products is just as important to us as their quality; as a small operation based in South East Asia and the UK, we're able to carefully and conscientiously handpick the farmers and producers we work with to ensure we only offer our customers the highest-quality goods. In fact, many of our farmers and producers prefer not to deal with the major national retailers.

    We're also licensed organic by The Soil Association as an organic company in Europe, under license number DA25511. And as we're committed to being eco-friendly, all our teabags are biodegradable and made in-house using unbleached non-GMO filter paper.

    We're really proud of our range at The Natural Health Market; we use our products every day at home and are just as passionate about them now as we were at the beginning. We hope you love using our products as much as we do; and if you have a minute, come and say hello on Facebook.

    Ian and Aon