Organic Daily Detox Tea

Our house blend daily detox tea contains only Soil Association certified organic herbs. By combining fennel seed, aniseed, dandelion root, burdock root and liquorice root, we have developed a potent fusion of traditional Ayurvedic herbs that help maintain health and support detox.

A Great Tasting Detox Tea

By using the correct ratio of the finest quality organic herbs, our detox tea doesn't only support a healthy body, but it bursts with flavour. After taking a sip, you're greeted by the inquisitive and bright aniseed, and fennel which makes the senses climb, the body of this tea comes from burdock, the tea finishes with liquorice to make you want more...

All Day Detox

Caffeine free this tea can drink throughout the day and into the evening, taking a cup before bed will support healthy hydration and infuse the body with traditional Ayurveda beliefs.

Natural Unbleached Tea Filter Paper

As with all our teas, our daily detox tea bags are made using NON-GMO paper, are unbleached and natural.

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Ayotunde B

I have taken the above tea for 7 days. I feel it has slightly improved my digestive and bowel motions. I will purchase another pack in a month time.

Posted 1 week ago