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    Wallace and Grommet Children meal

    Japanese parents are spending hours to create pictures and sculptures with the food in their children’s pack lunches. The latest wacky trend in Japan is based around kids packed lunches. The amazing lunch ideas sometimes take some parents hours to create.

    Importance of Lunches

    The lunches are made using usual Japanese pack lunch ingredients, rice, seaweed and fish. But parents are engrossed in this growing trend to create pictures and 3D sculptures inside the lunch box.

    Great Lunchtime Expectations 

    The children arrive at the lunchtime table with high expectations of the lunch or more importantly the image that will greet them when they open their lunch box. The expectation and competition among the children is driving this trend.

    Parents are going the extra mile to create images of popular cartoon characters, and portraits of world famous stars, Michael Jackson and Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones are making regular appearances inside Tupperware containers.

    Eating A Healthy Lunch With Our Eyes

    This is obviously taking presentation to the extreme, but it does address and brings home a serious aspect of nutrition and cuisine; we eat with our eyes before we taste.

    Presentation of the meals we eat is critical, a visually appealing dish will usually turn our to be a delicious one. Our appetites came be nurtured by the sight of an immaculately complied dish, just as it can be suppressed by mangled bowl of gruel.

    It's far from necessary to take art classes and learn how to sculpt rice into mini statuettes. But it's good to remember when we are slapping sandwiches together, while still getting dressed in the morning, that love can be transferred through food.

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