How To Pronounce Acai Berry

A video explaining the correct pronunciation of acai berry.

How To Pronounce Acai Berry (Ah-Sigh-EE)

The acai berry deserves its reputation as a superfood as it provides incredible health benefits, such as helping balance our cholesterol, thanks to its extremely high in anthocyanins. However, it also seems that acai also deserves its reputation for being tricky to say – so as a bit of fun, we asked our South American supplier to record herself pronouncing it correctly, which came out very close to ah-sigh-EE. But she did say that in Europe and North America, many stick to pronouncing it ah-kai. What everyone can agree on, though, is that it is a worthy addition to any diet.

It’s essential, though, that acai berries – like garden peas – are freeze-dried as soon as possible after harvesting to retain all those fabulous nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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