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    It’s that time of year again where one quick look at your social media feeds or flick through the latest magazine and you will be bombarded with adverts for the latest ‘New Year New You’ products and diet plans.

    We have all been there, the lure of a quick fix is always tempting and with the promise of quick results using ‘scientific’ evidence, it can be too tempting to jump on the bandwagon.  At the Natural Health Market, we don’t believe in quick fixes or jumping on the latest trends - we still maintain our philosophy to ‘live well, ethically, and to the full’.

    By making small sustainable changes to your daily habits, the long-term health benefits to your body and mind will ensure you never have to be tempted by the quick fixes again.

    So what small changes can you make?


    Yes, we know this is nothing revolutionary and we all know we need to increase our water intake. Water keeps your energy levels up, keeps your skin in top condition and helps you to control food cravings to name just a few of the known benefits.

    Even though we know all the benefits, sitting with your 2L bottle of water with reminders pinging on your latest health app with ‘time to hydrate’, it can quickly become monotonous.

    Water intake doesn’t have to be a tasteless chore, as long as you chose a drink that is caffeine and sugar free such as  Organic Hibiscus Tea (which is also delicious served cold over ice!) or Peppermint Tea your goal to drink more water will quickly become much easier and you will ultimately form long term habits that last way past January every year. 


    An easy and affordable way to a healthier lifestyle is the introduction of supplements to your daily routine.  It’s worth noting that no amount of supplements can make up for a bad diet, but when taken alongside a balanced diet, supplements can give your body that added boost when it needs it.  

    One supplement we believe to be a must have for the winter months here in the UK is vitamin D.  Exposing your skin to sunlight is the best natural source of vitamin D which as we know if difficult to achieve during the winter months.  It can also be found in food such as egg yolks, canned tuna and portobella mushrooms.  Vitamin D3 is the easiest form of the vitamin for your body to absorbed which is why our Vitamin D3 tablets containing 5000iu per tablet, are ideal to contribute to the maintenance of your bones, teeth and immune system function. 

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    Plant Based Diet

    With the return of the ever popular ‘Veganuary’, many people start off the year trying to maintain a completely animal product free diet. Whilst some of the dedicated few may make it through January and beyond, the vast majority of people find it understandably difficult to switch to a vegan lifestyle for the long term.  

    So what can we learn from ‘Veganuary’?

    Eating less animal products is well known to have many not only health benefits, but also environmental benefits. Producing animal products increases our carbon emissions and the effects of this on the planet are well known and publicised.  Eating less animal products is an easy and sustainable change we can all make to do our bit to safeguard the environment. 

    Plant Based Diet and Health 

    A plant-based diet doesn’t exclude meat or dairy completely but encourages a diet more weighted with plant-based nutrients. This in turn encourages us to eat more of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables which are naturally low in saturated fats thus improving our gut health and general well-being.

    Plant-based isn’t for everyone but a good start is to try and incorporate at least 1 day a week when you avoid animal products or using meat substitutes a couple of times a week.

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    Whatever your health goals this year, remember to be kind to yourself, no one is perfect, created new habits takes time, but small changes that fit into you existing lifestyle will always be easier to maintain than quick-fix extreme changes.

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