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    The beehive created by the honey bee is a sterile and sophisticated environment, where many superfood products are produced naturally.

    Facts About Bees

    Honey bees are the most incredible insect that inhabits the earth, honeybees have a profoundly positive effect the planet. Much is still not fully understood about them, for instance how they accurately navigate and set up hives according to the strength of the earth magnetic field. 

    Honey bees are the workforce of nature, operating so perfectly they have been around for over one million years. Currently, honey bees are endangered, and if the honey bee were to become extinct, then humans would not survive more than four years. They are responsible for pollinating over 80% of organic life.

    Honeybees are the only insect to produce food that can be consumed by humans. Honey is considered a 'perfect food' and contains every element needed for the human body to function, including:

    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Water
    • Enzymes
    • Pinocembrin

    Bee Hive Super Foods

    Bee hives are the source of amazing super foods that have tremendous benefits for those who choose to consume them. The honey bees that work tirelessly during the summer months to collect nectar and pollen are responsible for the wonders that a beehive produces. It is the pollen and nectar that the bees use to build their hive and is ultimately turned into the numerous products that bee hives yield.

    The main products that can be consumed as nutrition supplements or medication are:

    • Raw organic honey
    • Bee pollen
    • Bee propolis
    • Bee Bread
    • Royal jelly
    • Bees wax 

    Pinocembrin & Other Antioxidants

    Unprocessed raw organic honey contains an antioxidant called pinocembrin. Pinocembrin is unique to raw honey, and not found in another substance in known existence. Pinocembrin is acknowledged to help improve brain functionality. Medical research has ascertained that pinocembrin slows, and in some cases halts oxidation in the brain; this can reduce and in some cases end the devastating effects of some degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson's and alzheimer's.

    The sterile environment created in the bee hive paves the way for many antioxidants to exist. The antioxidants found in raw organic honey work in the same way as other antioxidants; they fight build ups of free radicals that can overwhelm the bodies immune system.

    Lowering cholesterol

    Honey has zero cholesterol, on top of this studies have shown that consuming raw organic honey can reduce cholesterol. Raw honey fights the build-up of cholesterol in the body. Honey has highly concentrated levels of potassium, sodium, calcium and vitamin B complex; helping keep cholesterol levels in check, while the antioxidants found in raw honey prevent the cholesterol from being moved out of the blood and into the blood vessels where is clogs and narrows arteries.

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