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    Foods high in protein come from many different sources not just animal meat. A high protein diet is often recommended for people trying to build muscle or lose weight. There are many different foods that are high in protein. Animal meats, fish, soy products and nuts are high in protein.

    When talk about foods high in protein we tend to automatically think about meat and chicken, but there are many other food sources that are protein rich, and many suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.

    There are many fad diets that advocate the use of a high protein diet. These should be used with caution as they can tend to be very high in calories and fat. As always, it must be said that any diet or nutritional intake program should be part of a holistic balanced healthy lifestyle.

    Why A High Protein Diet?

    Commonly bodybuilders use a very high protein diet, this is because of the high amino acid levels it contains. These amino acids repair damage was done to the body by excessive exercise.

    This kind of diet is also often used by those trying to lose weight. Some think that the higher levels of protein within the diet in some way act as an appetite suppressant, and controls overall calorie intake.

    It's not fully understood yet how increasing the level of protein in the diet works as an appetite suppressant. It is thought that the brain receives less appetite stimulating hormones and also has less insulin spikes, more stable sugar levels turn lead fewer cravings.

    It is also considered by a growing majority that maintaining a diet that's higher in protein, and lower in carbs, will help reduce the levels of fat in the blood and aid the body to burn calories.

    The following is a list of the top foods high in protein, and how many grams of protein they contain per hundred grams:

    • Lean beef fillet - 34g
    • Peanuts - 33g
    • Low fat mozzarella - 32g
    • Turkey breast – 30g
    • Salmon - 23g
    • Chia seeds – 20.4g
    • Beans - 18g
    • Eggs – 15g
    • Tofu – 9g

    Be aware that the above foods high in protein values is solely the amount of protein within the food source. Things like peanuts have high calorie values as well, so all things should be considered when deciding what to eat.

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