October 05, 2016 2 min read

Eating for weight loss is the single biggest reason people choose to diet. Deciding how to adjust your diet and harmonising those adjustments with the most beneficial food makes eating for weight loss a challenge.

It's most beneficial to stay away from the extremities of dieting when eating for weight loss. Try and make lasting adjustments that encompass a holistic approach to nutrition and healthy living. Our diet should only part of our weight loss plan, a balanced diet and regular exercise will lead to living a healthy lifestyle.

Make A Lifestyle Choice 

Try not to embark on any diet as part of a project or with an end date in mind, instead try to diet as part of living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Sometimes dramatic weight loss can be achieved by signing up for one of the many thousand 'fad diets'.

But unfortunately this fast weight loss is usually short lived. It's like the elastic band effect, after it's expanded it has to contract, back to where it was. On the other hand making a lifestyle change to eat healthier such as, cook more, getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking further, are more likely to be part of a larger lifestyle choice that will result in long term weight loss in the context of an overall healthier lifestyle.

I should add here, that of course there are some success stories from people who have lost weight from extreme dieting, but at what cost to their long term health? We advocate a healthy balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Be Prepared For A Balanced Lifestyle – Not Apprehensive

Maintaining the all important 'balanced diet' isn't as difficult as it first appears. First job is learn about food, and what is good to eat and when. The point of living a holistic life is to be able to eat anything, yes that's right anything, just in moderation and at the right times; chocolate – before noon, and so on. Also learn about yourself, know when you are weak and likely to eat fast food, or whatever your kryptonite is.

Be prepared, have healthy snacks lying around at work or in the cupboards at home. Prepare by only keeping the foods you want to eat in your home, remove temptation. Lastly, make milestones and be nice to yourself. Keep a diary and write about your journey and your achievements.

Don't be afraid, eating for weight loss is an excellent way to start a new healthy lifestyle.

Diet as part of a lifestyle change, not a knee jerk reaction to comment someone made or a picture of yourself you didn't like.

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