November 25, 2016

Chia seeds make an excellent sports nutrition supplement. Chia seeds have many qualities over and above the nutrition they deliver; most of which target sportsman's needs. These tiny black chia seeds – originally from Mexico – were first used by ancient Aztec warriors to give them stamina.


Chia is native to Mexico and Central America; it was here where Chia seeds were first valued as a nutritional food. Before going hunting, ancient Aztec warriors would eat chia seeds, which would then congeal into a large glutinous mass and sit in the stomach to provide satiety. It doesn't sound very appealing or delicate, but it is this process of swelling up and congealing that makes chia the perfect sports nutrition supplement.

The thickened chia seeds sit in the stomach and provide the body with a slow release of energy – in fact, they provide satiety, a feeling of being full and content, for up to six hours. Ancient Aztec warriors were noted for their exceptional hunting and fighting skills. And stamina – the quality for which that they were revered – was given to them by chia seeds. The seeds gave them the stamina to hunt down large game and fight their enemies for hours at a time without becoming exhausted.


For the exact reasons that Aztec warriors found chia seeds gave them extended stamina, those who participate in endurance sports also acknowledge the benefits of using chia. The sports where Chia seeds are quickly becoming popular are:

  • marathon running
  • iron man competitions
  • obstacle course training
  • military exercises
  • cycling
  • swimming.

In the modern health-conscious world we live in, the popularity of chia as a sports nutrition supplement is growing exponentially as the word gets out. Organic seeds mixed in a delicious smoothie or left to soak in water or Gatorade makes a perfectly balanced nutrition supplement.

Not only will chia slowly release energy into the body during exercise, it will also furnish the body with a broad range of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and omega-3 essential fatty acids.


Chia seeds provide dynamic sports nutrition; they do this by slowly releasing energy into the body. This layered nutrition and host of vitamins and minerals are essential for hydration and cell rebuilding. The antioxidants that chia releases are essential for cell reproduction and increasing the capability of blood to carry oxygen.

They are easily incorporated into a whole host of existing formulas that athletes use to stay hydrated and healthy during workouts. Buy organic chia seeds and try them in the following ways:

  • How about a 'Chia-Rade'? Allow about 10g of chia seeds to soak for 10 minutes in Gatorade. The electrolytes in this drink are perfectly balanced.
  • Leafy Green Veggie Smoothie – this super-low calorie, high-energy drink has amazing levels of antioxidants and essential vitamins. Blend dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and broccoli, with lemon juice and 10g of chia seeds. This provides energy for a sustained workout while delivering an abundance of antioxidants to rebuild cells and help the blood carry oxygen.
  • Chia Fudge Cake – for a high-energy boost and nutrition injection. By using organic dark chocolate, this treat can be easily stored for lunch or eaten on the go. A magnesium enhanced snack.

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