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    What Is Wheatgrass?

    The benefits of wheatgrass powder as a nutritional supplement have been known for quite some time. Charles F. Schnabel was the first to start experimenting with wheatgrass as a dietary supplement in the early 1930's. He not only discovered that wheatgrass has a large number of concentrated nutrients and vitamins, but he also found ways to dehydrate wheatgrass into a powder and make tablets with it. Thus making it easier to distribute and use by a wider audience.

    Benefits of Wheatgrass

    Primarily wheat grass has very high concentrated levels of protein, vitamins D, vitamin B12 and phosphorus. However, these are not the only nutrients it has and is closely related to broccoli and spinach when analysing its nutrients.

    There are many benefits associated with wheatgrass, a lot of these benefits stem from its powerful antioxidant qualities, which in turn reduce the level of free radicals within the body and allow the immune system to get a head start.

    Antioxidant properties are also said to help fight tumours and growths, tumours by neutralising toxins.

    • Neutralises acidity – lowers acidity levels in the bloodstream, which in turn protects and helps fight against ulcers, bowel conditions among many other ailments.
    • Concentrated levels of chlorophyll - chlorophyll is amazingly close in structure to haemoglobin within the human within human blood, this means it's quickly absorbed.
    • Combats Obesity - by stimulating the thyroid gland which also interns correction a whole host of digestions and ingestion problems.
    • Liquid oxygen transfusion – wheat grass juice contains liquid oxygen; high levels of liquid oxygen in the blood stimulate clear thinking, enabled the brain to function better on the whole and protect the blood against anaerobic bacteria. Cancer cells find it difficult to exist when there is a presence of high levels of liquid oxygen.
    • Lower toxicity levels - with little toxicity levels better functionality returns to most of the body systems, including the fertility and skin cell reproduction. Giving a healthy glow to the body.

    However, it must be said that a lot of the above benefits can be gained from drinking the juice of any dark green leafy vegetable and not just wheatgrass. Drinking any juice which has concentrated levels of chlorophyll will provide most of the above benefits.

    Green Juice

    Green juice or any juice that contains a concentration of chlorophyll, as well as being an antioxidant chlorophyll is also credited with increasing the red blood cell count within the body which in turn combats illness and stimulates cell growth.

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