Traditional Balms and Ointments Origins

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Traditional Chinese medicines and herbal remedies have been used to heal the pain from severe muscle damage, insect bites, rashes and irritations, tension, stress, headaches, and joint and rheumatoid issues for hundreds of years. In addition, traditional balms & ointments are effective cures for many skin ailments and irritation symptoms.

What Are Balms Made Of?

Herbs are dried and placed into a combination of beeswax and oil, creating the balm. This is the origin of the world-renowned Tiger Balm and Gold Cup Balms. This is then applied locally to the skin to heal the body. People have also used vegetable products to make salves and balms for decades.

History tells us that individuals made many of the recipes and well-known balms we have today, such as Gold Cup Balm, at home. These Balms then would have been based on the same basic formula, beeswax and vegetable oils, but the active ingredients would have been local to any given province or principality. The additions of different herbs would vary greatly depending on the ailment the balm was supposed to treat. Hundreds of years ago, Balms such as Tiger Balm would have been the only medicine available.

Traditional Tiger Balm Uses

Therapeutic balms & ointments can relieve swelling, enable better blood flow, and relieve discomfort from various ailments. Hundreds of years ago, the ingredients of these homemade concoctions would have been a bit random. Still, today the active ingredients of Tiger Balm soft, for instance, are formulated precisely. Balms ease itching and swelling from mosquito bites and other skin irritations. Healing oils combined with plants work wonders on the body, and it is derived from entirely natural sources.

Soothing & Penetrative Sensations

Ointments, Balms and salves are mixed from herbs, and balms soothe and calm skin irritations. For example, tiger Balm and Gold Cup Balm penetrate deep into the skin and muscle tissue below. They penetrate the skin through its pores, allowing these treatments to heal and rejuvenate. These mixtures may be from any plant, menthol, camphor, ginger and Philippine violet. Herbs have been used in Thailand and other Asian countries for centuries.

Injuries sometimes improve if they can receive better blood flow. These balms draw blood to the areas they are applied. Blood flow brings healthy nutrients to damaged cells. In addition, these traditional balms & ointments reduce swelling.

Balms Are A Critical Medicine For Many

People in remote parts of the world have developed traditional balms to medicate the entire population of a region. With little access to modern medicines, these ointments are a great help to people that don’t have access to any current medical faculties. In addition, the ancient makers of these lotions have become experts in using herbs and other natural ingredients.

These salves were developed in a different environment to that in which Western medical science exists; nevertheless, modern medicine has catapulted from many of these remedies and proven the result of centuries of findings scientifically accurate. Therefore, everyone can use help from Nature’s resources putting traditional balms & ointments at the top of the list because of their accessibility, cost-effectiveness and proven traditional roots.

Ancient Balms & Modern Medicine

Modern western doctors and pharmaceutical companies won’t acknowledge the healing effects that traditional balms can give because there is no way for them to make money out of it. But still, today, in many parts of Asia and South America, sick people walk away from their medical practitioner with a balm jar to cure their ills.

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