Raw Food Diet-Totally Raw-some?

Different Raw foods in 16 glass bowls.

Raw food diet is exactly that. It’s made up of eating raw plants and unprocessed plant foods. The raw food diet can’t be considered a fat diet, as those who engage in it make a conscientious lifestyle choice.

Rawism, as it’s sometimes known, is a heavily involved way of life. The average rawist diet comprises over 80% raw vegetables and unprocessed plants. Preparing these foods takes quite some time, even though no or minimal cooking is involved. The plants must be washed, peeled and chopped, sometimes dehydrated or lightly steamed. Lightly steaming is an accepted practice by most, but some of the more devout rawist won’t even do this.

Raw Food Diet Plan

The principal plan behind the raw food diet is to consume vegetables in their most natural state. When unprocessed plants and vegetables are cooked, their nutritional goodness is lost. Therefore, foodists aim to consume vegetables when they are in their most nutritious state – raw.

A certain amount of evidence backs up the claims that eating raw is beneficial to health. Benefits include higher energy levels, leaner BMI (body mass index), healthy skin, and the body maintain a more neutral pH level. Conversely, high pH levels in the body have been linked to numerous illnesses.

A few diabetes sufferers have claimed almost biblical cures that they directly attribute to the raw food diet.

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

It is obvious how the raw diet will help people lose weight. But it isn’t a diet we would recommend for weight loss only. Instead, it’s a diet that involves a life-changing commitment, not only to eat the right foods but also to prepare those foods.

Most people who successfully stick to the diet were previously vegans. Most vegans don’t eat dairy products. Becoming the rawest is the next logical step.

Is it a Healthy Diet?

Well, the jury is out on this one. There is quite a lot of independent research on both sides of the fence. While rawest generally have very low cholesterol & triglycerides levels, they can also suffer some vitamin deficiencies, B12 in particular.

It is also thought (all research is independent) that starting a raw diet too early in life could lead to the underdevelopment of bones.

Rawist and vegans take special care to ensure they receive enough vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and iron. These elements are found in animal-sourced foods.

Certain foods become more bioavailable (this makes them easier to absorb by the body) when they are cooked, tomatoes for example. However, a raw diet should be excellent, combined with monitored nutrition intake and sufficient supplemented vitamins and minerals.

We will have more posts and guest blogs soon, going deeper into the raw food diet.

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