Muay Thai Liniment Oil

Namman Muay Thai Liniment Oil for Muay Thai Fighters.

What Is Thai Liniment Oil

As it is becoming known, Muay Thai liniment oil, Namman Muay or Sports Liniment oil is a pre and post-sport oil that helps the muscles relax and allows blood to flow throughout the muscle more efficiently.

Greater blood flow to the muscles provides them with more oxygen, allowing damaged muscle tissue to be repaired. In addition, Namman Muay Thai sports liniment oil is so strong that it will relieve mild local pain in muscles and bones.

Liniment Oil Uses

Pre Workout Uses

Muscle liniment is used to help the muscles warm up. This prevents strain and stress injuries. Best applied after a short initial warm-up when the body temperature has risen slightly and the pores in the skin have started to open. Then, allow the liniment oil to penetrate muscles deeply and release its heat and herbal ingredients.

Post-Workout Uses

After working out, the oil should be applied again now the pores are fully open and can accept the oil deep into the tissue. As with protein and nutrition shakes, for best results should be consumed within 20 minutes of finishing your workout. The same goes for sports liniment oil.

Within the first 20 minutes post-workout, the body searches for nutrients to feed the muscles and start the recovery process. The oil shortens recovery time by relaxing the muscles and aiding the free flow of oxygen by widening blood vessels. It is after a strenuous workout that muscle liniments’ aesthetic qualities can be felt.

Having been specifically designed for use by Muay Thai fighters, the oil works exceptionally well on impact injuries, deep tissue bruising and acute bone pain.

Liniment Oils Use in Martial Arts & MMA

Martial artists and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters are responsible for the liniment oils’ rapid rise to fame in the last ten years. However, the unforgettable smell of this oil is an everlasting memory that we take away from training sessions.

The oil has recently been recognised for its impressive pain relief and muscle-relaxing properties. This has led to the oil being used in various sports, including premier league football and professional athletics. No other sports ointment provides the strength of penetration that can be felt from using Namman Muay Thai.

Used before strenuous exercise, this oil can be credited with preventing untold injuries. Using the oil also allows athletes to pick up the intensity of their training sessions faster.

Used post-workout provides a soothing, warming sensation for hours. This is a must for any serious athlete who wants to train and compete at the peak of their potential.

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