Green Superfoods

Green super foods are some of the most accessible and nutritious. Many green super foods are indigenous to Europe and North America, and many of the best ones are those we eat (or don’t) as part of our natural diets. In addition, some new emerging green super foods like wheat grass grow naturally and abundantly around Europe & N. Yet, until recently, we were unaware of the vast nutritional benefits of consuming it.

Nutrients Are Easily Digested

Green super foods are good for us because our bodies quickly digest their nutrients. They also have these nutrients in extremely high concentrations. Green vegetable super foods also contain numerous elements that initiate fat burning and vitamins and minerals that boost our immune systems and are high in alkalis, with balances the body’s pH levels.

Green Super Foods Contain A Wide Variety of Nutrients

Most green vegetables and super foods contain a wide variety of compounds and nutrients our bodies greatly benefit from. Many of these elements are challenging to find in any grown quantities in other food sources; some green foods have them in abundance.

Chlorophyll Revitalises The Blood

Chlorophyll is the pigment that makes green organic matter green. There is often lots spoken about the benefits of chlorophyll, and that is with good reason. On a micro level, chlorophyll’s building blocks are virtually identical to that of blood and human tissue. Several studies show that when our bodies consume chlorophyll, haemoglobin levels in the blood increase significantly.

Higher haemoglobin levels allow the blood can carry more oxygen. Cells use oxygen to repair themselves and regenerate. The faster cells can regenerate, affecting the body’s ability to fight disease and stay healthy. When cells quickly regenerate themselves, it is thought to slow the ageing process.

Green Super Foods Support The Digestive System

Green super foods also provide the body with a large selection of proteins. These proteins are broken down daily and digested by the body. In addition, in large quantities are photo-chemicals and healthy bacteria that, among other things, help the digestive system stay strong. A robust and efficient digestive system is essential for the body to remain active and healthy.

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