How To Loose Weight Fast

Two Asian girls exercising in a park.

Many of us want to drop it fast regarding healthy weight loss. While there are some ways to do this, it does not work because when we jump into a get-thin-quick scenario, we seldom solve the problem, which could be:

  • Emotional eating
  • Negative peers
  • A sedentary lifestyle

There are ways to drop weight fast. By exploring them, we can recognise their benefits and downfalls.

Losing Water Weight over a day or two

The quickest way to drop weight is to sweat it out. However, this is ineffective for net losses because the weight will go straight back once the fluids are replenished. So the kilogram worked out of the system and is right back in it.

This is not to say that you should not get a good healthy sweat; it is greatly encouraged because as you burn calories, you engage in better weight loss.

Burn More Calories Than you Take in

Believe it or not, we burn calories merely to exist. This is known as one’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Your RMR varies based on your weight, height, and age. For example, an 86 kg male of average size in his early 30’s will burn approximately 2,000 calories per day.

This means that if he consumed only 1,750 calories with no exercise, he would lose roughly 33 grams of body weight as his body makes up the difference from stored fat reserves.

Over a month, almost a full kilogram will be lost. Suppose exercise were to be incorporated into the daily regimen. In that case, the weight loss could be even more significant as aerobic, and resistance training speeds up the metabolism while burning additional calories.

Dropping Inches Quickly

While most readers want to achieve a net weight loss, some want to look good with the lost weight as a bonus. This can happen with increased intense exercise while consuming the calories we burn.

Since weight loss is all about caloric balance, exercise alone will not be enough. However, the practice has its value because an increase in muscle will raise your RMR, meaning that if you lost 4 centimetres off your waist last month but remained at 86 kilograms, weight loss will eventually come to your new shape if you maintain the same diet because of the increased RMR.

A proper diet plan is all about consuming fewer calories than are needed. Dropping 3 kilograms in a sauna would not stay off and would be dangerous.

Weight Loss As Part of A Balanced Healthy Diet

Ultimately, there are no ultra-quick weight loss plans, and the ones that profess to usually have side effects. Side effects from extreme dieting can vary from putting the weight straight back on to severe health risks, such as internal organ damage from malnutrition.

Weight loss, where possible, should be part of an overall balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Finding ways to manage body weight while making sustainable lifestyle changes is a sure way to achieve and maintain an ideal body weight.

Natural Healthy Weight Loss Supplements

Nature provides a few shortcuts, or cheats, that make losing weight easier. For example, chia seeds and holy basil seeds provide intense satiety benefits that ease hunger cravings while providing nutrition.

Green and herbal teas provide the body with antioxidants that induce the body to use stored fat. So causing fat burning is a start. However, herbal and natural supplements can only be part of your weight loss diet plan.

A well-rounded diet plan is essential to successfully losing weight. The plan should include nutrition, exercise and sleeping goals. Once again, sustainable weight loss is only possible as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and diet.

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