How To Eat Chia Seeds

Chia seeds mixed with cranberry juice and a bowl of chia on the side.

We’re often asked how to eat chia seeds. So we’ve put together a few of our favourite recipes to try. Hopefully, you will be inspired to try experimenting with your ideas. The beauty of chia is that it ultimately tastes and is odourless. It will take on other flavours easily and blend seamlessly with virtually any dish.

How To Eat Chia Seeds

In texture, the chia seed is very similar to the black poppy seed. When you chew raw chia, they kind of ‘pop’ and disintegrate, they are easily swallowed whole in drinks or pre-soaked. When added to smoothies or thick shake-type beverages, they are virtually unnoticeable.

The sensation of drinking raw seeds soaked in water is quite pleasant. Like drinking yoghurt, the tiny seeds are pretty undetectable, apart from a few that will get stuck in your teeth, which you can enjoy popping with your teeth, quite reminiscent of playing with bubble wrap.

Quick & Easy Recipes

It’s Friday, so we have had a whip around the office, and everyone has jotted down their favourite quick & easy recipes to eat chia seeds. These are simple every day delicious ways to eat chia.

  • Raw shots – due to their lack of taste, chia seeds can be quite easily munched on raw. Best to add them to water, even a tiny amount, to make them easier to swallow. Remember, chia will absorb moisture from your body, so if you’re not going to pre-soak them, then make sure you stay hydrated.
  • In with Oats – or any other breakfast cereal. They blend exceptionally well with oatmeal, porridge or whole grain breakfast – add soy milk and fresh fruit to taste.
  • Instant fruit shake – add to any fruit juice along with whole fruit pieces or blended fruit to make an instant thick shake.
  • Potato salad – mix liberally with potato salad. The raw un soaked chia provides a welcome texture and a lively crunchy soundtrack to the dish.
  • Chia jelly- mix with setting gelatine or pre-bought jelly. Also, add fruit chunks to taste.

The possibilities are endless. This is partly because the seeds are robust and tasteless. However, all they offer a dish is a crunchy texture and a thicker consistency if added and left to absorb moisture.

Try your recipes and let us know what you discover. We will publish the best and weirdest.

Good luck.

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