A Balanced Diet – Why Don’t More of Us Make The Effort?

A basket of fresh fruit and vegetables provide A Balanced Diet.

Balance is essential in every aspect of our lives; a balanced diet is necessary for physical and mental well-being. But we all know this. Well, there’s no reason not to if you live above ground. So then it poses the question, if we know this, then why do most of us not practice it? Why do most of us eat an unbalanced diet? This alone hurts all aspects of our lives.

Heightened Awareness of A Healthy Diet

Most people are aware of the dramatic effects on the physical well-being of our diet. Eating nutritious meals regularly maintains the body’s optimum mental and physical performance. This isn’t a point for contention as so many studies have been conducted that prove the point beyond doubt.

One recent most high-profile and extreme study was ‘Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock. Where Spurlock only eats McDonald’s for one month, the mental and physical impact this has on him is dramatic. Of course, this is the end of the scale, and such a documentary was made to shock us, but the effects of eating a highly unbalanced diet are authentic.

Do We Make Enough of An Effort To Eat A Balanced Diet?

This study and other not-so-extreme studies all point to the same thing; eating a balanced or unbalanced diet affects nearly every aspect of our lives. From day-to-day moods, we experience long-term health issues.

So back to the original question and point of this blog post. If we are all aware that eating well benefits our lives, why aren’t we making more effort to do it?

We Asked Our Customers

By talking to our customers and using online surveys, we discovered that the answer to that question is very positive. A little over 60% of the people we asked said they are making an effort to eat a balanced diet and are somewhat satisfied that their diet and lifestyle are healthier than five years ago.

When we asked those surveyed to expand on this, we discovered that most are very conscientious about what they eat. Therefore, we usually take the healthy option, whether eating out or cooking.

The other 40% were a mix of people that didn’t agree that what they ate had much of an impact on their performance, those that didn’t care and 15% that knew they should be making more of an effort but didn’t have the time or the opportunity.

If we combine the 62% that thought they were making an effort and 15% that knew they should be supposed it was impractical, then over 75% of those surveyed were aware and educated enough to know that what they eat has a dramatic impact on their well-being.

The Majority Do Care About Their Diet

This is fantastic news. The vast majority of people are aware that what they eat dramatically affects their lives.

It is our aim at AboutChia to make eating a nutritious, balanced diet even more accessible for those who are aware and conscious of the benefits of eating a balanced diet, and it seems to be the majority, by consuming super foods in your everyday diet will boost the amount to nutrients your body receives.

Not only will the overall nutrition your body receives be vastly improved by also your body will have access to vitamins, minerals and compounds that would otherwise be hard to find. For example, antioxidants that reduce the levels of free radicals in the blood and essential fatty acids are just a couple of the elements in which super foods tend to be high.

Super Foods Integrated Into Our Diet

There are many different ways to consume super foods, some are raw ingredients that can be added to meals, and others are handy snacks that can be eaten between meals and fit in with a busy lifestyle.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products on sale in our stores, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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