Fresh Royal Jelly 500mg

Our fresh Royal Jelly capsules are made using the finest quality Royal Jelly.

What Is Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is made by honey bees to feed young larvae, as well as the Queen. Unpleasantly sounding, Royal Jelly is a secreted from a special gland on the head of the worker honey bees and is eaten by all larvae in the hive, without prejudice.

When the hive needs a new queen, royal jelly plays an important part. If the old queen gets killed or isn't strong enough, the worker bees will select several larvae and incarcerate them in specially made 'queen cells'.

Once in the queen cells, the selected larvae are fed copious amounts of royal jelly; this triggers a transformation in them called queen morphology. Queen morphology develops the normal larvae into queen bees, with working ovaries to boot!

Benefits of Royal Jelly

There are many claimed health benefits of royal jelly and it has been an integral part of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese and Greek health systems for thousands of years.


Royal Jelly and Fertility

Royal Jelly is often used as a mood enhancer, improving hormones and boosting the libido.

When royal jelly is used in ancient practices, it is used over the course of a few months, rather than days.