Bee Bread

Bee Bread is made by bees to feed young larva and the hive during hibernation, only the bees that make it know all the elements that go into it, but we do know it's fermented mix of beeswax, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee saliva!

Our fresh bee bread is supplied in a heat sealed and resealable aluminium lined brown paper Kraft pouch, this ensures it is in the best possible condition when it is delivered to you.

You may be wondering what Bee Bread is, especially if you are new to bee hive products. Also, with so many products in the market today and everyone trying to put their spin on them to make them unique it is very easy to get confused in the nuances.

What Is Bee Bread?

Bee bread is a lactol fermented, enzymatically-activated food, an incredibly sophisticated substance that contains roughly:


  • 25% honey or nectar
  • 70% pollen or bee pollen
  • 5% bee saliva
It is the bee saliva that reacts with the bee pollen to kickstart the fermentation process; bee saliva reacts with the probiotic bacteria and yeasts in the pollen. The in hive bees precisional mix the above ingredients and carefully pack them into the honeycomb cells within the hive, within a matter an of weeks and amazing transformation has taken place, and bee bread is born.
Ambrosia; Food of The Gods
Bee bread this the most highly prized food that can harvest from a bee hive, in ancient times it was known as ambrosia or Perga, the food of the gods.