Bael Fruit Tea

Bael Fruit Tea is actually more a herbal tea and has a distinctive sweet taste that is beyond moorish!

Bael Fruit Tea has a smokey aroma that gives it a distinctive and addictive flavour. Bael fruit - known by the scientific name marmelos or the nicknames 'bel fruit', 'Bengal quince' or 'wood apple' - is native to India and grown throughout South East Asia, this tea is made from bael fruit that is grown in Thailand.

What Is Bael Fruit?

The bael fruit has a hard exterior shell, to reveal the fruit this shell usually needs to be cracked with a large knife or a small axe. Inside the hard exterior shell is a brown soft edible pulp and white seeds. Generally, the seeds aren't eaten. The flesh of the wood apple can be eaten raw, but it has quite a strong taste, so it's mixed with other ingredients, commonly coconut to make delicious desserts and fruit juices.

Traditional Uses of Bael Fruit

Extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine, the wood apple has multiple uses. Packed with nutrients such as calcium, fibre, and protein it also contains numerous antioxidants that are mainly used to ease ailments relating to the stomach and aiding digestion.