Ayurvedic Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea has vibrant red colour and sharp tart taste that's extremely addictive, be warned!

This Hibiscus tea is made from the finest quality hibiscus flowers harvested from central Thailand ( may vary due to seasonal shortages), in Thailand Hibiscus tea, or Roselle tea, as it's called there, is widely available and enjoyed as a hot and cold drink, the best part about this herbal tea is that it tastes great too!

Being made from the freshest choice petals this tea has a delicate flavour that is both sweet and tart, in a similar way to Cranberry juice.

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Good quality tea, though if I said it tastes lovely that would be exaggerating! Then again, that's probably just me......

Posted 3 days ago


Good products! Surely will use it one again

Posted 2 months ago


so good

Posted 2 months ago