Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder


  • Organic certified by the Soil Association
  • 80% protein by weight - 100g of brown rice protein contains 80g of protein
  • 13 important nutrients
  • Minimal processing of whole grain rice preserves nutrients

Organic Brown Rice Protein contains 80% protein by weight along with numerous other nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Whole grain brown rice

Brown rice is a healthy, wholegrain alternative to white rice, and brown rice protein powder is a simple way to make it part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Our Brown Rice Protein Powder is packed with essential nutrients and can be easily added to shakes, juices or muesli for a natural, additive-free boost of protein. We carefully select the best-quality rice to ensure that our protein powder is full of all the key nutrients that are lost in the processing of white rice.

Naturally nutrient-rich

Brown rice is packed with 13 essential nutrients that white rice simply doesn’t have, including E, B1, B3, B6, iron, potassium, folacin and the antioxidants niacin and thiamine.

Compared to white rice, brown rice has nearly ten times as much iron, more than three times as much fibre, four times more vitamin B1, four times as much magnesium, eleven times more vitamin B6 and significantly higher concentrations of a number of other vitamins and minerals.

The reason for this difference in nutritional value is simple: white rice and brown rice come from the same crop, but white rice is processed in such a way that many of its nutrients are lost. When white rice is processed, it is ‘polished’ with a fine powder and the grain is stripped of nutritionally rich outer layers, which is why it is often softer and fluffier after cooking. Brown rice, on the other hand, is the whole grain with several layers of bran and outer husk preserved.

How to use brown rice protein powder

Our brown rice protein powder is highly versatile and can be added to a range of foods and drinks at any time of the day and works very well as the base ingredient of smoothies to support an active lifestyle.

You may wish to take it shortly before or after engaging in strenuous exercise. We recommend trying a few different ways of taking it to find the one that works the best for you.

100% Pure Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder

Add up to 30g of protein powder to 200ml of your favourite smoothie, juice, milk or water. It can also be used in ingredient in baking.

If you are going to work out or do strenuous exercise drink 20-30 minutes before and/or after working out.

The daily recommended intake of protein is 2g per 1kg of body weight; if you weigh 75kg you should consume 150g of protein per day.

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Flavour and appearance may vary with the seasons and environmental growing conditions, characteristic of unprocessed organic foods.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great quality product

Bought together with organic pea protein powder. Mix them together. Both are very soluble and have a pleasant taste.

Raji Bapodra
Great quality products

Great customer service and received all the items as expected at a fair price

Victor Kendal
Of course it’s organic

If this brown rice powder is of the same quality as other powders I’ve bought, then I’ll be as impressed with it as I am with everything else I’ve bought from The Natural Health Market. So far everything I’ve bought has been of high quality and of course organic.

Amie W.
Great product and quick delivery

Will be ordering again :)

Steph M.
Excellent quality product

Buy this every month, a staple of our diet now