Senna Tea: Promoting a Healthy Colon, Detoxing and Easing Constipation

Senna flowers and senna pods growing in the mountains.

Senna is an exciting herbal tea, as it’s one of the few that isn’t recommended for everyday use. This is partly because it is so effective at what it does best, easing the symptoms of constipation naturally and without discomfort.

Senna tea contains anthraquinone, which is known for its powerful laxative effect. These anthraquinones are also highly effective at cleansing the colon, which is excellent for detoxing the digestive system and preparing the bowel for procedures such as colonoscopy.

Senna is so widely regarded as an effective treatment for painful constipation that even the National Institute of Health in the US recommends it.

Senna Tea – What the Research Indicates

There have been quite a few studies examining the effects of senna in tablet or powder form, but not many focus on the benefits of consuming the herb in tea.

However, research that has been done indicates that senna tea is indeed very efficient as a safe laxative. A small study was undertaken in 2005 (and published in Investigative Radiology) and observed the effects of senna tea on 12 participants. Senna tea improved the easy movement of stools through the bowel in each of the people involved.

What is the Official Recommendation For Senna Tea?

Senna is so widely regarded as an effective treatment for painful constipation that even the National Institute of Health in the US recommends it.

However, they also state that it’s essential not to use it for over two weeks. It’s a beautiful temporary solution to the irritation problem of constipation and an excellent way to give your system a much-needed cleanse. Still, it is not to be used as a long-term medication.

As a result, if you still suffer from constipation after two weeks of drinking senna tea, you should see your GP to discuss underlying causes and other forms of treatment.

Detoxing Your System Effectively With Herbal Tea

If you’re thinking of using senna tea to help kick-start a detox, it’s also essential to support your efforts by making a few other temporary changes to your lifestyle. Don’t worry; it’s nothing you have to maintain for an extended period; it’s just a case of providing your body with the chance to flush out toxins and enjoy improved health.

In addition to drinking senna tea to cleanse the colon, you can:

  • Eat plenty of whole, natural foods. The key word here is ‘natural’. Aim to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, grains, legumes and fish; and where possible, try to avoid meat, eggs, dairy and processed ‘junk’ foods.
  • Cut the alcohol. If you want to feel the benefit of a detox, cut the alcohol. Remember, it’s only for a short while!
  • Avoid fizzy drinks. Don’t give in to the temptation of drinking fizzy drinks; ideally, avoid coffee and tea, which both contain caffeine. If possible, limit your drinks to water or fresh juices only.
  • Get exercising. It’s the perfect opportunity to get moving and improve circulation and general levels of health.

The Benefits of Safe Senna Tea Consumption

There’s no doubt that, when consumed appropriately, senna tea can offer real benefits to your system, helping to solve the irritating problem of constipation and cleanse the system. In addition, it’s an excellent supplementary product to support your DIY detoxing efforts.

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