Senna Tea Benefits

A decorative glass tea pot and glass cup of Senna tea, decorated with Senna leaves.

Senna tea benefits many different people in many different ways. People consider it a natural remedy, particularly for constipation and other related conditions, and have been using it for centuries.

What are the more popular Senna tea benefits?

The benefits of Senna tea include its being a powerful natural laxative. The use of Senna as a non-prescription laxative is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA). Senna is widely used for treating constipation and cleansing the entire bowel and colon before undergoing diagnostic tests like a colonoscopy. In addition, Senna tea’s benefits include its ability to soothe and prevent haemorrhoids and manage irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

Senna Leaf Tea Origins

The Senna leaf tea plant is native to Central and South East Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Today, it can also be found in other regions where the climate is temperate. History indicates that physicians in Asia and other Arab nations used senna leaf tea to treat various medical conditions, including skin diseases, seizures, dysentery, infection, indigestion, and fever.

Ayurvedic Uses of Senna Leaf Tea

Ayurvedic medicine uses the herb to treat respiratory, skin, and liver problems. In Egypt, research indicates that physicians used the herb to treat patients of royal blood for constipation. Unfortunately, there is a lack of significant evidence to prove the efficacy of senna tea leaves for most of these conditions. Since the Renaissance, however, people continued to use the herb as a laxative and enjoy Senna tea benefits.

Indian Senna Tea

India has used senna leaves or pods from the senna plant as a laxative for more than a thousand years. Today, you can get the many benefits of Senna tea by using the herb in one or more of its many forms. You can purchase Senna in tablet and capsule forms, use loose tea or tea bags to brew or use it in its liquid extract form. You can also get pure dried root from many health supplement stores.

The Makeup of Senna Tea

Senna leaf contains resin, sugar, mucilage, flavonoids, sennosides, glycosides, and anthraquinone derivatives. The latter interacts with the bacteria in your digestive tract and causes laxative action. Glycosides smoothen out the abdominal muscles as food passes through the intestines, enhancing the stool volume and helping it move out of your colon. The glycosides also act as a purgative agent promoting fermentation and digestion.

This natural laxative has many Senna tea benefits.

If you have a constipation problem, using Senna tea can help you find relief because it stimulates the colon muscle. However, you have to bear in mind that constipation has many causes. For example, it may be the result of not drinking enough fluid or consuming too little food which is high in fibre. It may even be the result of anxiety or stress.

How To Use Senna

Be prudent in your use of Senna to get Senna tea benefits. Use senna herbal tea in a diluted form first and wait for it to act. It may take 6 hours or 12 hours before you see results. You will also get the maximum benefits of Senna tea if you make significant lifestyle changes. Eat more fruits and vegetables to add more fibre to your diet. Drink more water. Engage in regular exercise. All these changes will help further promote Senna tea benefits.

Some people like the weight loss benefit of senna tea. You can make a herbal tea blend using senna infusion as one of your ingredients to kick off the cleansing process and purge your body of harmful waste and toxins. Make sure to incorporate other healthy teas and food into your diet after the initial purging.

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