Goji – The Correct Pronunciation

A stack of goji berries and the correct way to pronounce the words.

How To Say Goji

Goji is a tough word to pronounce, probably because it isn’t an English word; goji originates from one of the ancient Chinese dialects. Goji berries are also known as Wolfberries and Lycium barbarum. Wolfberries are much easier to say and remember.

We have produced this short video that is posted on ‘youtube‘. For this movie, we asked our Asian supplier to say goji, and she pronounced it ‘gow ghee’. Her pronunciation is quite different from how we in the West naturally say it.

We are very thankful to our supplier for taking the time and energy to send us this short audio track. It is a question we get asked with surprising regularity, and we hope it helps everyone say the word in the future.

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