Are Green Vegetables your Nemesis? Did You Know Their Is A Reason For It?

A dish of leafy green vegetables.

If you hate eating green vegetables, you are not alone. Some of us don’t like veg while we are young, and some never do. Why is this?

Well, believe it or not, there is an excellent explanation; this can certainly explain why we all fall in love with different foods.

Are You A Supertaster or A Undertaster?

We don’t all have the same amount of taste buds in our mouths, meaning that taste is a very individual experience. Roughly 50% of people have one of the two conditions, meaning they taste things differently.


Supertasters have more densely concentrated taste buds in the mouth, meaning they experience much intenser flavours than the average person.


As you would expect, undertasters have much fewer taste buds in their mouths than the average ‘Joe’ and therefore experience much less flavour in the things they consume.

Test If You Are An Undertaster or Supertaster

There is a way to check if you fall into one group or the other; if you put two sweeteners into half a glass of water and drink it if you find it bitter, you’re a supertaster, sweet, and you’re an undertester, if you get both you’re average, so they say…

So how does this equate to vegetables? Well, it mainly affects supertasters, as they find green vegetables to be bitter and unsavoury; these supertasters have a more challenging time falling in love with vegetables.

Green Vegetables Verus Food Supplements

It is essential to know whether you are an undertaster or a supertaster. If you avoid eating green vegetables because of the taste, this could be damaging your health. Green vegetables are a valuable source of antioxidants. Nutrition food supplements can replace nutrients usually provided by green vegetables, but eating fresh green vegetables regularly should always be our priority.

There isn’t anything that can be done apart from adjusting the methods you use to cook vegetables. Supertasters usually struggle to hit their recommended five-a-day fresh fruit and vegetable servings.

If you’re a supertaster, it’s good to be aware of the fact and take vitamin, mineral and nutrition supplements; some superfoods and organic supplements can be as good if not better than eating fresh.

But either way, make sure you get your 5-7 fruit and veg servings a day; it’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card; just because your taste buds are different, you still need the same nutrition as everyone else for your body to function correctly.

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